Five Simple Halloween Costume Ideas That You Can Throw Over Your Clothes

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to plan or your best-laid intentions, Halloween costume planning passes you by with not so much as a moment’s notice.

Maybe you were preoccupied with your kids’ DIY Halloween costumes even to consider your own. Or perhaps you were busy with Halloween crafts and Halloween decorations that the of you having some fun slipped your mind. Regardless of the reason, rest assured Rasta Imposta has five easy-breezy Halloween costume ideas that will get you ready for the year’s spookiest night.

Fruits & veggies.

Our many different fruits and vegetable costume options are simple Halloween costume ideas for a fun night out. Just throw a piece of kale, an orange slice, or a watermelon over a shirt and leggings, and you’ll be the slice of life!

Bottles & brews.

Who doesn’t love an ice-cold brewski? Not to mention the simplest, most effective costume to throw on over your clothing to make your Halloween party or next costume event the best it can be. Live the high life in one of our many beer costumes choices. Sure to be the life of the party. Some of our top-sellers include:

Penguins galore.

You will love waddling around and feeling comfy in our cozy penguin Halloween costume. The flippers are the sleeves, with slits to allow hands to come through, also attached are the flippers. It’s the ultimate party-friendly costume.

We offer it in all sizes and even have some warm yet adorable hoodies!

Don’t get in a pickle! 

One of our best sellers, the pickle, is always a hit! Be the life of the party while also staying comfortable with this excellent gag costume of your favorite snack! Your legs and arms will be fully exposed for mingling and munching freely all night long.

Check out group pickle costumes here!

Kool-Aid Guy.

You will be saying OHHH YEEAAAHHHH all Halloween night in this Kool-Aid guy costume! This refreshing mascot will bring smiles and memories to everyone and is super easy to throw together. The adult costume features an over the head tunic that you can throw over your clothes for a fast and fun costume that will make everyone smile!

After last year we are all looking forward to an epic Halloween! So don’t let stress about your costume keep you from joining in on the fun. Check out our online store at Rasta Imposta and click away; our different shipping options and many choices will have you on your way to the most memorable night of the year!