Get Gritty with the Hottest Costume This Year

There hasn’t been a more talked about mascot since Gritty came onto the scene in 2018. He’s infamous, he’s mysterious, and he’s beloved by Philly fans worldwide.

Since Gritty has burst onto the hockey scene, he has caused quite a stir. His antics have and has fueled stories, memes, and jokes that can be found all over social media. While some describe the orange, massive, and furry creature as horrifying, most find him utterly delightful. While he’s often the center of controversy, we cannot dispute that he’s now a national sports figure.

Some of his notoriety stems from his wild game time escapades; but no one can argue that it also comes from his spirited loyalty to his Philadelphia Flyers. According to a team representative, this beloved mascot is “talented but feisty, a fierce competitor, known for his agility given his size. He’s loyal but mischievous; the ultimate Flyers fan loves the orange and black but is unwelcome to anyone who opposes his team. Legend has it he earned the name ‘Gritty’ for possessing an attitude similar to the team he follows.”

Here at Rasta Imposta, we are HUGE fans as well; I mean, how can you not be?? And with Halloween only months away, it’s time to start planning those costumes if you haven’t already. Considering we are in right in the middle of Flyer territory, it will be only natural to go the way of Gritty this season.  

While the mascots costume may be hard to find at most costume shops, Rasta Imposta’s Gritty inventory is fully stocked with all the best gear. We have everything from full costumes, to hats, and masks readily available for the Gritty lovers who want to celebrate – and maybe even behave like – the Philadelphia Flyers cherished mascot. 

The beauty of this costume is that you can wear it all hockey season long to support your favorite team. Use it to cheer on the Flyers, stay warm in the rink, or to earn a little extra attention at the games

Some of our best sellers include: 

  • NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers Gritty Costume, Full Adult costume – Get “Gritified” with the NHL’s Philadelphia Flyers Mascot! Become a Gritizen and represent your favorite hockey team sporting the Gritty Costume. Design details include the famous Philadelphia Flyer logo on the front in your bleed orange Flyers color! 
  • NHL Philadelphia Flyer’s Gritty Costume, Size 7-10 – Don’t forget to Gritify your little one with this cozy costume, snug enough to keep them warm on those ice-cold hockey nights! The open-faced mask is made of warm poly fleece with a two-way stretch and is accented by a plush orange poly fur. Gritty’s eyes are in a fixed position & motionless. They are printed on the fabric and stuffed with polyfil stuffing to provide an authentic, 3D look.
  • Mascot Ski Mask – Your favorite Philadelphia Flyer logo is embroidered on one side of the mask while the other side has “GRITTY” embroidered in your bleed orange Flyers color! The open-faced ski mask is made of warm poly fleece with a two-way stretch and accented by a plush orange poly fur. Get this one of a kind only at Rasta Imposta! 
  • Mascot Head – This exclusive and realistic mascot head is lined with sturdy polyfoam and accented by a plush poly fur face. The head has a breathable mesh mouth that was designed for clear visibility. Stuff the top of the poly foam head for a fuller look. Wear yours to the rink and support your favorite team! Officially licensed to Rasta Imposta and proudly designed in the USA. 
  • Gritty headband – Get Gritty without messing up your hair all while keeping your ears warm with his fun headband! The headband is made of warm poly fleece with a two-way stretch and is accented by a plush orange poly fur. 
  • Gritty Trapper Hat – This lively yet robust trapper hat will definitely get Gritty’s attention. It is made of warm poly fleece with a two-way stretch covering the ears and is accented by plush orange poly fur. 

Chances are we will see plenty of Gritty inspired looks this October 31st and throughout the hockey season. So, stand out from the crowd with the official and licensed Gritty costume from Rasta Imposta

Check our wide selection of unique costumes from Gritty and beyond, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to make this Halloween and the Flyers season the best one yet! 

Officially licensed to Rasta Imposta. Designed in the USA. The name and image of Gritty are trademarks of the NHL Team. © NHL Team. All Rights Reserved.