Top Seven Favorite Halloween Costume Trends in 2022

Here we are, in the new year! And while most people are working on resolutions and reflecting on the past, here at Rasta Imposta, we are dreaming about Halloween.

It may seem a little soon, but it’s never too early to think about your Halloween costume for the upcoming fall season. And who doesn’t want to be on-trend in 2022? Whether you want to be a bottle of beer, a piece of fruit, or a character from your favorite fairy tale, we have what you need. No matter your style, the crew at Rasta Imposta, has got you covered with the top seven favorite Halloween costume trends in 2022.

A buffet of choices.

Do you prefer Mexican or Asian? Salty or sweet? With our vast range of food costumes, you can choose what you’re craving this year!

Whether you want to be our hilarious chicken and waffles or another outfit inspired by your favorite food, you’ll be making mouths water all Halloween long.

[Check out more food costumes here!]

Shark for days.

These shark costumes are a Rasta Halloween exclusive that you’ll have to get your fins on! Whether your baby shark or mama shark, you’ll adore these costumes!

We’ve got costumes for the whole shark family, including the dog!

Pretty princesses.

Princesses are beloved by all. But these hilarious portrayals of everyone’s fairy tale favorites will be a hit in 2022. A few fan top picks include:

Be a Barbie girl. 

It’s Barbie’s world, and we’re just living in it. Find any barbie from almost any era on our website.

Tap into your 80’s vibe with our Great Shape Barbie leg warmers and all, or bring the 90’s to life with Totally Hair Barbie, or go utterly vintage with our 60’s Beach Vintage Barbie.

The golden grannies.

Find your best girlfriends and gather them on the lanai while picturing yourself in Miami this Halloween.

Complete your easy group Halloween costume available in four styles, Ditzy, Strong, Wise & Sassy. The fun is endless!

The Price is Right.

Come on down! You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right this Halloween. This will be a massive seller in 2022, so get your crew together and showcase yourselves as the next best contestants wearing the Price is Right group costumes.

Kool-Aid Guy.

You will be saying OHHH YEEAAAHHHH all Halloween night in our Kool-Aid guy costumes! This refreshing mascot will bring smiles and memories to everyone and is super easy to throw together. It’s an ever-trendy and fun costume that will make everyone smile this Halloween!

There is always a place in this holiday for everyone who wants to celebrate, no matter what time of year. If you wish to be adorable, sexy, or fun – Rasta Imposta is here for all your costume needs!